10 Diverse Blog Posts : Customer Experience to Cloud Migration

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Mar 9, 2018 5:03:50 PM

The internet changed everything!

How we communicate, learn, research, connect. Man the list goes on and on.

Everyday people are creating content.

According to MarketingProfs.com,  2 million blogs are posted everyday.

2 million is a big number.

So, how do you stay in the loop?

Our goal is to provide you with 10 links to blogs covering a wide variety of topics from around the web. 

Mainly focusing on Technology, Productivity, and the Customer Experience.



1)    Cloud Migration : The Pros and Cons of a Common Platform

Heterogeneity in the datacenter can be enormous, so it’s tempting to use a cloud migration to standardize on one platform. If only it were that easy. “ - David Linthicum

There are many pros and cons to a cloud migration.

This article does a good job explaining the Pros and Cons when looking to migrate.

We agree it is absolutely vital to assess the applications you are running now before making an assessment or initiating a migration.

Have you looked into a cloud migration?

2)  Internet of Things Exposes Blind Spot : Configuration Management

“You will see this huge spike in devices that are impacting services and have multiple relationships with various processes. If you can’t keep up with that, you can’t make evaluations of risk.”

“ a good configuration-management system continuously gathers data about the items and updates their status to the configuration-management database.” - Tom Kaneshige

The main focus of this article is how configuration management has grown and where it will be in the near future.

He speaks of creating automated workflows that build efficient processes and why having a permanent roadmap provides less training and more productivity.

Do you have a configuration-management system?

 3)  The 3 Ingredients Of A Minimalist Productivity Workflow

“Being minimalist isn’t about having less to do. It’s about having less stuff in my way so I can do more of those things better” - Mike Vardy

We all have tasks we want to complete.

Some take longer than others.  

This is a very interesting approach when looking to become more productive.

He breaks it into three elements which makes for an easy read.

How can you be more productive?

4)  Quantity VS Quality: Is It Better To Write One Long Blog Post or Ten Short Ones

Researchers at HubSpot gathered blog data from 13,500+ HubSpot customers and analyzed it carefully. They sought answers to the ongoing question of how many blog posts a company needs to publish each month. The conclusion was that in nearly every case, more monthly blog posts inherently led to higher inbound traffic.”

“Don’t simply create as many blog post as you can. If you want to reap long-term benefits, then create high-quality content that is genuinely helpful to your audience.” - Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a New York Times best selling author.

Personally I have learned many valuable lessons from him. He is a true web influencer.   

In this article he breaks down Quality VS Quantity when creating blog post.

Everything from how to utilize Google Analytics, building a keyword strategy, to stats on Web Users attention span.

What is the right way to write?

5)  6 Unexpected Trends in 2018 Social Media Research

Jay Baer is the President of Convince & Convert, a group of strategic advisors that work with world-class organizations to make digital marketing and customer experiences remarkable.

They are influencers in the digital marketing space. If you are looking to build a digital presence, follow Jay Baer and Convince & Convert.

I highly recommend listen to the Social Pros Podcast every week and read their blog posts daily..  

In this blog post Jay addresses social media research for 2018 and some unexpected trends appearing.  

“Social media usage in America increased an avg of 7.77% for the past 9 years. This year….down 4%.”

What are the trends for social media in 2018?

6)  New Silicon Labs Wi-Fi Devices for the IoT Slash Power Consumption in Half

"We've delivered the first low-power Wi-Fi portfolio designed specifically for the IoT, enabling breakthroughs in secure, battery-powered connected device designs that simply weren't possible until now," - Silicon Labs

IoT (internet of things) has now begun to take hold.

The ability to manage, monitor and measure remote things creates another stream of data that helps employees become more productive and improve the customer experience.

An Interconnected Network is also vital to transmit the data generated so that it can be analyzed and put to use.

What can you learn from IoT?

7) Apple Confirms It Uses Google’s Cloud for ICloud  The Role of AI in Assisting Customer Experience  

Cloud wars are just beginning as this Cloud Tweaks article uncovers the fact that Apple has started to use the Google Cloud Platform for storage.

As the race for Cloud business grows this will become an occurrence that you will see more often.

This proves that Multi Cloud is an approach not only leveraged for business technology but also adopted by the solution providers.

If we could pull back back the curtains, I am sure we would be amazed at the amount of multi-cloud activity that traverses the Interconnected World today.

Will AI take over?

8) Journey Science in Telecom : Take Customer Experience to the Next Level  

In the telecom industry, it is difficult for a business to effectively manage the massive volume of data with the existing systems and technology.

There are several aspects where telecom companies need to make improvements.

They must improve the customer’s experience while reducing cost/risk and increasing conversion rates.

This can be improved by collecting data and analyzing it for commonalities.

This is the Journey Science, a way of improving the customer experience via an omni-channel experience.

Unfortunately, telecommunications companies are notorious for poor customer service.

Today’s cloud based contact centers have access to multiple cloud based CRMs, Financial, Operational applications that can provide a contact center agent to solve multiple issues on a single call without being transferred multiple times.

The journey continues as much of this customer interaction can develop a workflow that is automated to solve many issues without any agent intervention.

What could be automated for your business?

9)  The Role of AI in Assisting Customer Experience

AI is no longer sci-fi. The past few years we have seen AI and Machine Learning in headlines from around the world.

What does this mean for everyday life? How will this affect business? Will some positions become obsolete?

AI and machine learning is already being integrated in transportation & logistics, healthcare, agriculture, and retail.  

Check out how John Deere is using Artificial Intelligence to transform farming.  

According to an article by Forbes, “Artificial Intelligence Will Enable 38% Profit Gains By 2035”.

So, what can AI do or what will AI be doing for your business and customer experience?

10)  Failing at Customer Success? Add Recursion to the Value Chain

“Customer success means focusing on customer outcomes in terms of your customers’ profitability, which inevitably depends upon the success of your own customers’ customers.” - Jason Bloomberg

That seems accurate right?

When your customers are happy, they will have happy customers.

This is where the world is moving.

Everyday an array of diverse technology solutions are being developed and consumed.

Shaping better customer experiences and building smarter ways of doing business.

So, How happy are your customers’ customers?

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