4 Ways SD-WAN Can Improve Cloud Performance

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Jun 7, 2018 4:18:04 PM

Revolutionizing the Cloud

Initially titled “Hybrid WAN” and later “WA-SDN”, the concept was first proposed in 2013 by Jim Kyriannis from New York University. In early 2014 networking publications started coining the term SD-WAN (software-defined networks) to describe this new networking trend.

By 2017 the SD-WAN revenues were forecasted to reach $1.36 billion globally. Yeah BILLION.

So what’s the big deal and why is this such a hot topic?

There isn’t one specific reason, but SD-WAN is revolutionizing the cloud!

1) Reduce Downtime, Initiate Growth

One of the major issues with cloud applications is downtime. If you are unable to access certain business necessities you lose time and money. 


With SD-WAN, companies are able to reduce downtime and improve cloud application performance. With the proper optimization and strategy in place, downtime will become a thing of the past.

SD-WAN provides enhanced customer experiences and employee production for businesses of any size or industry. Circuits can now be available in hours vs months.

2) Accelerated Cloud Applications 

Today everyone is moving to the cloud. They are accessing numerous applications that potentially have a lack of visibility and performance. Applications and platforms like Office 365, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure must be optimized.

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SD-WAN technology solutions provide application awareness, giving bandwidth priority to the applications that are most critical to your business. They can provide businesses with a way to access applications faster and control the way they access the apps for reduced costs and performance.

3) Optimization 

One of the most revolutionary features of SD-WAN technologies is optimization. An optimized SD-WAN strategy improves application delivery and performance.


With an optimized network you will be able to adapt to the changing environment with a global view. Accelerate applications from data centers to users and monitoring the traffic for future improvement.

4) Manage and Control 

The management and amount of control you will have depends on the optimization of your network or cloud platform. If properly optimized you can build an automated network. gear-icon@2x

You have the ability to deploy SD-WAN over your current infrastructure and manage the traffic from a single point. SD-WAN provides a look under the hood for cloud-applications, data traffic, security, and usage.

With the right team and processes in place, SD-WAN will provide performance for mission critical applications and the opportunity to offer diverse classes of service.

The Solution

It all sounds like a dream, right?

Because SD-WAN is a newer technology there will always be necessary tweaks and innovation. SD-WAN technologies are diverse. They all do something a little differently. They have different strengths and weaknesses. You will need to meet with multiple sales teams to decipher what is the best fit for you.

The best thing that you can do is to get on board with a third-party expert in SD-WAN and Cloud Solutions.

The main challenge is research and understanding. A third-party organization will provide you with the necessary resources to make the right choice on SD-WAN technologies

It really does take time and effort to know what the best technology solution is for your business needs. Making decisions like this are challenging and the best thing you can do is get a second opinion.

That is why partnering with a technology advisor or vendor management service can be so valuable. They are working with these technologies everyday and will do most of the research for you.

They are an unbiased resource. Offering multiple options and real-life experiences.

Would you rather meet with multiple sales teams, pitching individual solutions, or connect with one resource that can provide it all?