Don't let a Teenager Hack your Biz

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Aug 24, 2017 1:58:08 PM

The Dark Side to Sensitive Data 

The toughest deliverable out there in terms of technology solutions is security. Just think about it, you have a Dark Side, that could be an individual in his grandma's basement, a small community overseas, an organized crime group and then let us not forget government entities that have much to gain from cyber deceit.

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Take a look at this report  from CSO a security and risk management group, regarding the 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st Century. For the most part these are very well respected, large organizations that at the end of the day exposed close to 2 billion users. The part that really got me was what happened to Yahoo, it happened in 2013 and 2014 and was not reported until 2016. What happened in between those years? Now we hear about another breach almost daily to what you would think are the most protected networks in the world.


The problem that companies have faced and will continue to struggle with is preparation. Security is a complex battle waged between sophisticated bad actors and  expanding workloads from users and customers. The Bad actors are out there everyday working to find every little hole to gain access to networks and devices that seem safe and secure. Take the city of Denver, as an example, it has experienced 10,000 new people arriving each month. Construction is on fire, with apartment buildings, commercial buildings and restaurants going up all over the city. The problem is finding people with experience to build the buildings and work in the restaurants. And keeping their assets safe and secure.


Apply this to Security, first take a look at resources

  1. Does your staff have the knowledge and experience to protect the company?
  2. Can you find people with a strong background in security?
  3. Do I outsource or keep it in-house?
  4. Who are the best security management providers?


With new solution providers appearing everyday you need to know who is the “Man behind the curtain”?  

  1. How can I stay ahead of the bad guys?
  2. What kind of attacks or breaches have you thwarted in the past?
  3. Why would I trust you with my sensitive data?
  4. What are the benefits, couldn't my IT group handle this?


Jeff Goldman of Esecurity Planet surveyed over 4,000 companies and found that nearly 70% of their existing security solutions were outdated or inadequate. That is a big percentage in the grand scheme of things. So what are the solutions to an outdated security infrastructure?


We are beginning to see an interesting hybrid approach to security solutions for Managed Endpoint Detection and Response. For instance, a client in the legal and financial administrative market for institutional and individual trusts was doing a great job managing firewalls, patching, encryption and business continuity. However, taking on 7X24 for continuous monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, integrated vulnerability, as well as network access policy monitoring. Control and oversight proved to be more than their staff could handle. A solution we brought to the table was from Masergy an outsourced managed security solution. Aligning with Masergy gave them flexibility and reliability.

Cloud Computing Services@2x.pngFLEXIBILITY :  It gave them more time to focus on their current customers and provided an easier connection to reaching new potential customers.

Authentication@2x.png RELIABILITY : They are now able to stay ahead of any potential threat. Protecting them from potential breaches. This also gave them an alternative pitch to potential clients, they have a trusted manager of sensitive data. Showing the potential customer that their sensitive material will never be at risk.   


So how long will you wait until someone in a garage, skyscraper or cave in the desert gains access to your sensitive information?