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Sep 12, 2017 4:37:04 PM

The jump shot, the forward pass, advanced training techniques, equipment improvement, all represent changes in sports that improved performance. Has there ever been a movement that changed the way businesses operate so rapidly than with the cloud? Forcing companies to look deep at each department and evaluate for improvement? For obvious reasons I would say yes, mainly due to my personal experience working with technology solutions designed for our customers. However, let’s pump the brakes and take some time to make sure this approach to a technology journey is done correctly.

Technology Assessment: A good technology assessment is essential to success in migrating applications to the cloud. This will set expectations, provide a roadmap for data migration and development. Staff and outsourced requirements and how to test end user satisfaction. And that is just the tip of iceberg.

Software Tools:  There are several solution providers who can inventory everything in your environment. One of the top companies for this is Science Logic, they provide an auto-discovery of all IT resources on premise, in the cloud or hybrid. If the environment you manage is large this is essential. IT Inventory documentation and management is a best practice for any business moving to the cloud. Advantages include cost containment, planned cloud migration, ability to scale rapidly, controlled growth and proper support of those systems.

Customer Experience: Evaluate the most important piece of the cloud, the end user experience. This applies to employees and customers. If you have not assessed this environment properly it has the potential to be disastrous for your company and it's customers. Make sure you know how the end users connects today and in the future. Measure the workloads and the impact they will have on the end user device. Test as much as possible, it will make a difference. For a great reference, check this post from Ranjit Bawa, a Principal for Deloitte in their Cloud and Technology practice.

Every business will being using the cloud in some form or fashion over the next 3-5 years. There has been tremendous advancement in WAN networks that can help your application scale and perform at the highest level in the cloud. Brook Trout Solutions helps customers connect and consume technology solutions from the world’s leading Cloud and Network solution providers.

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Technology Assessment