The Best Articles of August 2017

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Sep 7, 2017 3:19:08 PM

 As advisers we want to educate our base on everything that is happening in the industry. We found that people dont have the time to review multiple resource each month and stay on top of everything that is being published. This is the start of a monthly review of articles around the web that we think are interesting and will be useful to our readers. Everything from writing better emails to security innovation.

  1. FAST COMPANY - These are Email Templates To Use When You Want to Ask For An Introduction  - People are way too busy to read every email. Taking your time to think through each email will make a difference.This article has some great tips for creating productive emails.
  2. FAST COMPANY - How The Most Successful People Ask Questions - If you never ask, you will never know. Questions are the key to understanding. Quoting one of the great old-school sales trainers, Steven Covey, “Seek first understanding, then to be understood”. If you are truly interested people will respond
  3. InfoWorld - What to do if Your Public Cloud is Hacked - Panic is an awful emotion. At least for me my ability to think clearly goes into the S_ _ _ Hole. This is a simple, smart plan to follow after being hacked.
  4. InfoWorld - 2 Cloud Tasks to do Before 2017 Ends Security and Costs two components of the cloud that must be dealt with in the planning stages. We believe that the market will begin to deliver multi-cloud solutions and a churn from provider to provider. Migration as a Service tools will ease the process of moving from one cloud provider to another or address Multi-Cloud deployment. But don’t kid yourself Security and Cost won’t get easier.
  5. NetworkWorld - How Google and Amazon think about multi-cloud workloads Two big technology heavyweights battling it out over the next few years. We think cooperation wins, but hey who knows for sure? Competition is always good for the customer, right?!
  6. Equinix- The Digital Edge - If your customers or employees are located throughout the world certainly one of the best solutions is the Equinix platform. Fast, On-Demand interconnections result in a tremendous customer experience. Check out out their resources it will help anyone formulating a strategy for Digital Transformation.
  7. Diversity Limited -Security Innovation Through Platform Automation No doubt we will see more of this type of development. There is a push to automate as much as possible and let the humans interpret the data. This is one of those tools that could make a very difficult topic simpler. 
  8. Diversity Limited - Filestack ramps up mobile file upload performance This is a very cool product that addresses a real need. Optimizing file transfers to any device, anywhere over any network. Can Smartphones really become smart, maybe with Filestack.
  9. PowWow Mobile- This blog post Enterprise IT: It’s Time to Shift from a Cost Center to an Innovation Center from Kristen Rachels,  VP of marketing at PowWow Mobile is an excellent view of why Technology decisions need to be throughout a company. Each department understands their role and should be aware of how they can better serve employees or customers through Digital Innovation.
  10. SD Wan Resource - SD WAN  Resources  - addresses how the folks at Cloudgenix helped consulting group AHEAD prepare customer networks for improving application performance Certainly, companies must think about the network if they are concerned about the experience of the end user, the ultimate win in customer satisfaction.