The Technology Journey of 2017

brooktrout42 About The Author

Jul 20, 2017 5:07:37 PM

In the past 12 months the changes in technology are, to coin a phrase, “Fast and Furious”! Everyday there are new technology solutions developed to improve Cloud Performance, Employee Production, Customer Experience and lower TCO.

Nirvana, right?  Well pump the brakes a little. Now more than ever you need to do your homework.

With any emerging market there are certain trends to pay attention to that will make a difference. Make no mistake, the Cloud is here to stay. There are too many advantages to ignore. Public, Private and Hybrid, the 3 flavors of the cloud and each have their roles, advantages and disadvantages.




Too many companies make decisions on technology before conducting research and planning. They will get information on one or two possible products and jump in without consulting a third party. Without a well planned technology strategy a company could be spending massive amounts of money on a solution that could be the wrong fit for their specific business needs. So here is the question, do you have the right resources in place or do you need help from  an outside source?


Technology environments are complex. Is every component well documented? Doubtful, it is hard just to keep up with the daily grind. Migration to the cloud requires an understanding of your current environment. Through insight comes understanding and with understanding comes enlightenment. Do you know the in’s and out of your current environment?




What is the experience of the Solution Provider? Make sure you know the experience of the Solution Provider. Have they been successful with projects like yours in the past? Are they equipped internally to handle your technology needs? What are the skill sets they bring to the table? We are seeing growth in the Managed Service Providers, (MSP) with AWS, Google and other clouds that provide migration and management services because they can’t keep up with the demand. The more questions you ask before making a decision on technology can save your company time, frustration and money!

SaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, BCaaS, UCaaS, CPaaS, it seems there is a new aaS solution everyday with so much cross over it is difficult to evaluate. How do you part the cloud to determine the real value? Make sure there is a clear process for conversion. Each aaS platform has to migrate your data, build your solution, test and deploy. Add in a sprinkle of support and guess what, the Service is now in the Cloud.


This is just the proverbial “Tip of the Iceberg”.  Don’t let your experience become one of Titanic proportions. Make sure the change in Technology has a business case, a process and a Solution Provider has “been there and done that’. As Technology Advisers, our interest is aligned with our customer’s, minimal disruption, clean on boarding and white glove support. Brook Trout Solutions brings in resources to strategize, implement and manage technology solutions for companies looking to grow.