What is a Digital Infrastructure?

brooktrout42 About The Author

Apr 3, 2018 6:00:23 PM

A digital infrastructure is the foundation for transferring data. Both physical and virtual, hardware and software, is combined to support the sharing of multiple resources. Networks, storage, computing resources, and software. Allowing for reliable access to every resource your company and its customers use.

Speed and accurate data is a primary driver of the digital economy.


Data becomes useless if it is not relevant to the user. If the data is slow to load, the user will bail and go the next service or product. Make sure you understand what is behind the curtain especially when the organization is trying to develop an application that the customer or employee is using.

Today’s mobile workforce is getting smarter in how they access, analyze and deliver data to end users. In order to enhance the user experience we need data on how that user is interacting with our business, a digital infrastructure enhances the ability to use this data.