What is a Technology Advisor?

brooktrout42 About The Author

Jul 17, 2017 5:12:16 PM

Don’t worry there is no test and you don’t have to learn another acronym to figure out what the hell this means. This is simply a term that describes what we do accurately. Advise customers on Technology Solutions with the best possible solution provider for their needs. Pretty simple right?


Technology Advisers, are unbiased organizations. They represent multiple Solution Providers for Technology products and services. A good Technology Adviser should provide the following advice.

  • Before giving any advice they should understand the challenges and needs of the company.
  • Depending on where the company is in the technology  journey, providing Education and Research that helps the company formulate a Technology strategy.
  • All while educating employees with Reports, Expert Content, Webcasts, White Papers, Solution Comparisons, Live Demo and Solution Trials so the company can make an intelligent technology decision. They are able to  develop a Strategy that fits their needs, and identify the best Solution Provider for implementation and support.
  • Once the product or solution is installed they should give advice on how to best utilize what they have just purchased. So that the connection to the technology and the learning curve isnt so steep. 
  • Connecting with a technology adviser should last a lifetime, they should be updating their customers on any changes in the industry and how the customer might benefit.  

The Cloud and Network market requires a much different approach.  There are far too many options and a pace that now even Usain Bolt can’t keep up. Do yourself a favor start a conversation with a Technology Adviser to save time and aggravation from meeting with multiple sales teams. A  Good Technology Adviser is looking for one thing, a happy customer!