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Design a Great

Customer Experience

generate more leads, nurture your customers and give yourself more time to focus on your business

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the new way to interact with customers

US Companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to a poor customer service.

When a company creates a poor experience with a customer it can influence more that just one sale. Building bad habits is not what we want to do. With a BPO Solution companies are able to create intelligent paths for customers to interact with their brand.  

At Brook Trout Solutions we have experts dedicated to guiding businesses on ways to improve the customer experience. Our goal is to provide companies with the resources and knowledge on technologies and services for lead generation, savings and staffing, data collection and analysis without paying a dime.    


listen to the customer

It is anywhere from 5-25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. With the right tools and strategies companies are able to design a path to keeping loyal customer. Brook Trout gathers everything you need to find,acquire and build a strategy that will create loyal customers forever. 

built with the customer in mind

When looking to improve the customer experience it can be challenging, we reduce the clutter when looking to generate leads, cut costs, and delight customers. 

lead generation If you are having a hard time generating leads for your business a BPO Solution could be your holy grail. Get a resource that will help you build campaigns for generating leads based of your specific requirements and target audience. 

build or outsource If you don't have the resource, time and education to build a Customer Contact Center an Outsource Contact Center has all the tools expertise and knowledge you will need to create a great customer contact center. 

Staffing It can be difficult to keep good employees. An extensive approach to outsourcing your customer support will result in less staffing issues and more time developing the key features of your business. 

savings We are all trying to save money any way we can. Outsourcing your customer support will eliminate office space cost, infrastructure costs, staffing costs, and much more. 

Data collection and analysis Customer data is very important for building a experience that customers rave about. With an approach that utilizes data collection and analysis you will put yourself in your customers shoes and be able to proactively respond to any issue they might have.  

so many solutions, such little time

Partnering with Brook Trout makes it easy for you to get to know the top providers for building and outsourcing a contact center. 

  • Get expert advice on vendors to build an extensive contact center

  • We set up everything for you - meetings, demos, POC, etc. 

  • Never pay a dime for our services.

You will save time and resources building a experience that will provide your customers and employees with happiness and satisfaction. 

Start your new journey with a guide

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