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Create an Optimized

Cloud Approach

improve performance, reliability and security

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digital innovation with cloud guides

80% of Companies Report Operation Improvements Within the First Few Months of Adopting New Technology

Finding a simple path towards digital innovation is no cake walk. We are here for companies that are looking to build a cloud strategy, optimize the one they currently have or help them stay educated on the future of cloud so that they have a leg up on the competition. 

  • Develop a cloud approach centered around the customer experience

  • Find solutions that create productive employees 

  • Create a path for developing a ROI on cloud technology


Build a cloud strategy


Everyone is at a different stage of the cloud journey and our goal is to guide you through the gloomy clouds and into the sunshine. 

  • Identify the cloud solutions that solve your problems

  • Optimize your cloud approach

  • Cloud project management 

  • Have a single source for identifying cloud trends and new cloud solutions 

your cloud guides

Guiding companies through the cloud journey.   

cloud adoption Privacy, security and lack of staff training are the top roadblocks to cloud adoption. With a cloud guide you are able to build a partnership that will guide you though the entire cloud adoption journey. 

cloud optimization If your businesses cloud applications or solutions are not optimized the customer experience is poor and your employees are unproductive. We help you you optimize your cloud solutions for business growth. 

digital transformation Smart Meters are designed to eliminate ongoing water leaks, timely alert the facilities team, and provide intelligence for proactive management. With our lead energy guide and partners we are able to be proactive when it comes to how you use water. 

cloud project management When businesses identify the right cloud approach the next step is implementing and managing the change. Our customers save time and resources when implementing, managing and supporting a cloud strategy. 

reduce the clutter With thousands of different cloud solutions and vendors it can be hard to reduce the clutter and find the right cloud solution that fits your specific needs. BTS reduces the clutter of the cloud world. 

find the right cloud solution

We have vetted cloud providers and gathered resources that will help our customers make a smart decision. 

  • IBM Cloud

  • Rackspace

  • Equinix

  • Digital Reality 

Just to name a few of our top vetted cloud service partners

get started building your cloud, your way

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