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learning from the customer

Customers just want less stress, well with CCaaS you can give them happiness 

Doesn't it feel amazing when you have a great experience with a brand. A great experience can make you scream with joy a bad experience will make you scream to others. With CCaaS we design experiences that customers will rave about and provide a solution for employees to learn from the customer. Brook Trout Solutions will guide you through the entire process of transforming your customer experience. 


connect with customers the way they want you to

With features like messaging apps, SMS, social and chat bots you will be able to communicate with customers in multiple ways. Also with CCaaS you will have crystal clear voice quality for customer support and give your team the tools and insights they need to provide a superior customer experience. 

solutions that delivers great customer experiences

Customers are expecting the best possible service and if you are not engaged with them on their terms than they will go to your competition.

Customer Engagement When proactive with a customer you will be predicting the issues before they arise and be able to engage customers the way they want to communicate with your brand. CCaaS has the ability to triple or even quadruple connecting rates with current and prospective customers. 

Workforce engagement Without the right tools your employees with have more obstacles when looking to solve customer facing problems. With CCaaS Technology your employees have quick access to customer profile information and other valuable tools at their disposal to ensure a responsive, personalized experience. 

Enterprise Collaboration With so many integrations and a constant push on building the technology stack you will need to be able to leverage the data from every system in order to enable a contextual and highly personalized experience. We have the right tools for enterprise collaboration and customer integrations that will craft an ideal contact center ecosystem. 

AI & Knowledge Our goal is to make sure that you design experiences that keeps you relevant and anticipates the customers expectations. With AI and Knowledge from BTS and our world class CCaaS providers you will be able to anticipate and build for innovation. 

analytics & insight Make it easy for every type of client to get the answer they need when they need it, with the right analytics and insight strategy you will understand every want and need of your customers and start crushing KPI's. 

your guides for life

We strive to be your advocate for life. When connecting with a technology guide and brook trout solutions you with have a partnership that drives innovation and growth for many years. 

Get started building an experience that will make loyal and happy customers & Employees

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