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staying connected creates opportunities

If your business isn't connected you lose money and opportunities. 

A poor network design results in slow application performance, a crappy customer experience and frustrated employees. With that in mind you could be spending an arm and a leg for technology that is actually prohibiting your business from growing.


With a Brook Trout Solutions Guide We


  • Identify the roadblocks within your business that are not optimized and design a plan for business growth

  • Provide you with resources and education on the top network vendors and solutions in the world so that you save time and know you are making the right decision

  • Guide you through the entire digital transformation process and escalate issues


With a Technology Guide businesses are able to build secure intelligent connections anywhere in the world. 

Networking Event

enhance experiences 

49% of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalized experience. The goal is to create experiences that are fast, secure, and provide a personalized touch. When you have a network design and cloud approach that has the ability to react and learn then you will create customers and experiences that people will talk about. 

your connectivity guides

Create a connection to the best SD-Wan, Network Security, SASE, Hybrid Multi or Cloud to Cloud Connectivity Solutions. Build your smart Cloud

Building your cloud Designing a cloud and network architecture is vital for business success. We guide businesses on how to make sure their cloud services perform better by building a network architecture on a foundation of dedicated connectivity. Hybrid, Multi, or Cloud to Cloud  

NEtwork security When you are preparing to grow you want to make sure everything is locked down. WIth a new attack every 39 seconds on the web you want to make sure you network security has machine learning and analytics at its core, the capability of proactively identifying new threats, devices and more. 

application acceleration With crummy application performance your business suffers and at Brook Trout Solutions we will accelerate your vital applications (CRM, ERP, SaaS, Big Data, etc.) performance.  

sd-wan Outdated network designs and technologies are prohibiting your growth. SD-WAN (software-defined networks) is a technology that will provide a path for lowering costs, improving application performance, and create agile networks that are easily maintained. 

sase Gartner coined the acronym, defining secure access service edge (SASE) as “converged offerings combining WAN capabilities with network security functions.” For instance, a SASE solution consolidates SD-WAN with firewall as a service, secure edge gateway, cloud access security broker (CASB) and Zero Trust network access–all into a single unified approach. Design a network that allows user to access your network in a safe and secure manner. 

so many solutions, such little time

Partnering with Brook Trout makes it easy for you to get to know the top providers for connectivity. 

  • AWS, Azure, Google

  • Ringcentral

  • Paloalto

You will save time and resources acquiring connectivity solutions and won't have to pay a dime. 

Talk with a guide

Start your journey towards a connected business

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