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Revolutionizing Businesses


Digitally and Physically

why not get help solving challenges

Whether your challenge is developing an energy optimization strategy, locating cloud technologies that solve your problems, or changing your digital and physical environments for an enhanced customer experience - we've got you covered. 


Technology Guiding

With our experienced guides we have developed a unique, specialized approach for selecting technology and guiding companies on how to leverage it for business success. We help accelerate growth, cut costs, mitigate risks, attract and develop talent and streamline important processes.

cx evaluations

With a great customer experience your clients will become advocates for your brand. According to Harvard Business Review, efforts to improve the customer experience can decrease customer care costs by up to 33%. At BTS, we evaluate what physical and digital elements are prohibiting you from creating a great customer experience and help you build a CX that clients will rave about. 

productivity assessments

With the wrong physical or digital environment, you will set the stage for a lack in productivity. Whether it's developing a cloud strategy, improving poorly lit offices, or enhancing network performance, a productivity assessment with Brook Trout Solutions is the first step. 

energy optimization

With solutions like LED Lighting, HVAC, Solar, Water Metering and Water Conservation we not only provide you with ways to reduce energy spend but with solutions that create a healthy, safe, and happy environment.

vendor management

Researching technology takes time and knowledge. With Brook Trout Solutions we have years of experience building partnerships with Technology Solutions Providers and have a process that will save you time and effort when looking to develop a new strategy.

roi mapping

We create a roadmap for you to develop a ROI. BTS helps businesses identify current costs, processes and systems that can be improved to reduce costs and increase revenue, guiding them through changes to their digital and physical environments so that they will create a return on investment in the future. 


“Moving all our applications to the cloud was a decision we knew we had to make. Brook Trout Solutions came in and designed a network built with redundancy and reliability. Even when we had issues as all projects do they were on top of the problems getting them solved quickly.” 

Administrator, Law Firm

talk with a guide

Helping brands and businesses develop a digital strategy for innovation and growth. 

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