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how can you save time 

Do you want to research technology and sit through meetings with multiple vendors? Or save time and resources meeting with one guide?

Technology Guides for business success

Guiding You Towards Innovative Solutions

Digitally mature companies are 23% more profitable than their less mature peers. At Brook Trout Solutions we guide you towards innovative technology solutions so that you are able to focus on your core business.

  • Get expert advice on Vendors and Technologies before making a big decision

  • Latch onto the worlds best providers for (Cloud Adoption, CCaaS, LED Lighting) just to name a few

  • Have a resource to set up every meeting, assessment and demo for FREEEEEE

Truly our main goal is to make everything easier for companies to innovate. We are very passionate about creating lifelong relationships that are built off trust and experience. 

Simplify technology decisions

As technology guides our goal is to help you find the right solutions for your specific wants and needs. We save you time by setting up meetings with potential vendors and researching for you. This all results in a streamlined process for selecting, implementing and supporting solutions that will help you grow. 


reach for the skies with a guide

Technology Should not Create Problems, It Should Solve Them. 

When your employees have tools that create roadblocks they are unproductive and provide a poor customer experience. 

With a Brook Trout Solutions Guide businesses identify technologies and solutions that solves problems, build hyper productive employees and give them the necessary tools and education to create an experience customers rave about. 

not our first square dance

With over 40 years combined in the technology world, we strive to stay on top of the market. 

This world is crazy, with rapid changes it can be challenging to focus on everything that is going on. 

Worldwide technology spend reached $3,360 billion in 2019. We use technology for everything these days. 

Brook Trout Solutions stays on top of the changing landscape of technology to provide you with valuable information and solutions that have the potential to innovate or revolutionize your business. 


our process


Discover how technology is impacting your business and develop plan for improvement


Get resources and advice when making a big decision on technology for your business


With you the whole way making sure that the solutions and goals you create are reached on time 


We are here for problem solving and updates on future solutions that will help you innovate. 


“Brook Trout helped my company innovate our customer experience with CCaaS tchnology"

Parks and Rec

"We had no idea the cloud provider we almost chose had such a bad reputation until BTS told us about all the bad stories"

Law Firm

talk with a guide

Helping brands and businesses develop a digital strategy for innovation and growth. 

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