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Be happy think brighter. 

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If you are spending way too much on your energy bill, get with an Energy Guide to reduce energy spend by up to 80%.

With an energy guide you will be able to achieve a reduced cost on energy, create an enhanced customer experience, improved productivity, and increase safety. 

Starting with a simple FREE ASSESSMENT we will be able to provide you with a roadmap to build a brighter future. 


improve the workplace

According to studies 80% of office workers say that lighting is important to them, and 2/5 say that they deal with uncomfortable lighting every day. This affects their productivity, mood and overall well being. With a great environment you are able to be more productive and happier. Our goal is to help you build this environment.  

more than just lights

Although LED Lighting is one of our main focuses, we also have other ways of reducing spend and creating better physical environments

LED Lighting We guide you through the entire LED Transformation process letting you focus on your business. With our process you will be able to make a smart decision on LED Technology and get a ROI. 

Water conservation With products that include Faucet Aerators, High Efficient Toilets and Urinals, and Low Flow Shower Heads, we are able to significantly reduce water consumption and energy waste. 

Water Metering Smart Meters are designed to eliminate ongoing water leaks, timely alert the facilities team, and provide intelligence for proactive management. With our lead energy guide and partners we are able to be proactive when it comes to how you use water. 

Solar BTS and our Partners are leading consultants with expertise in providing extensive design and commissions of solar based services. We help guide you towards the right path of solar development. 

HVAC Our guides and partners will help you develop a system for cleaner air and reduce your energy consumption by over 30%. With a simple assessment you will be on your way to building a brighter future. 


Our reach extends across all 50 states. We make sure that you have the right resources

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