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Energy Assessment : Save Money & Delight Your Audience

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Look, I know what you are thinking…….. Ugg another assessment.

We all know what an assessment is. The act of assessing, or evaluating for a specific purpose.

But when we are talking about energy it is more than just an evaluation. It is the beginning of a new plan to build a brighter future.

Building a Brighter Future

Check this out, according to Constellation an exelon company, The United States spends about $400 Billion on energy for commercial and industrial buildings each year. That means each building spends over $66,000 each year on energy.

Thats aloooooot of mooola

The human race is always looking to improve and we are constantly fighting change at the same time. Eventually we are forced to change and that is something that I personally believe is the worst way to change.

I get it I am about to start talking about all that I can do for you and you have never met me before. But if there is one thing I want you to know about me and about energy is that it is a way to build a brighter future. This has nothing to do with me and my company trying to get another sale, of course money is nice haha but it's bigger than that.

The Benefits to Energy Optimization

Let’s take a look at some stats:

  • Energy Star division of the Environmental Protection Agency says that even a 10 percent reduction in power usage by car dealerships across the country could result in a savings of $193 million dollars.

  • If the average small business is open with the lights on for 40 hours a week, this means that replacing 50 bulbs in your office would save 5,252 kWh of energy per year. The average rate in the US 1,000 kWh equals $100, meaning you could be flushing over $500 a year down the drain because of the wrong light bulbs.

  • On average, commercial buildings waste 30% of their energy.

Now these are mainly centered around money but what about the other benefits

Health Benefits

  • Improving your air quality enhances comfort, and reduces the risk of illness

  • Solar reduces air pollution, reduces water usage and when optimized helps fight climate change

  • Newer LED Lights have reported increased productivity levels in their workers and can have the same effect as natural light

Saving & Makings

  • Retailers are using LED to keep customers in stores longer and create a comfortable environment for people to shop in creating more sales

  • By 2035, LED Lighting will have saved around 890 billion dollars in avoided energy costs

  • Just a 10 percent improvement in the overall energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings would yield major energy cost savings and reductions in CO2 emissions. At a 10% reduction, our country would save nearly $40 billion each year on energy costs and would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 49 million motor vehicles.

OK OK OK, these stats are truly crazy and we are not here to sell you on our services. I am here to sell you on everything you are missing out on. We take care of it all for you with no additional costs. We set up your path for Energy Optimization at no cost. Being paid by the solutions that you choose you will not pay a dime for our services that include

  • Free on-site energy assessments

  • Planning and managing your project so that you can focus on your business

  • Developing an extensive approach to create an ROI. We provide you with updates along the way showing you how much you have saved and how much you will save in the future.

With an Energy Assessment you will be able to diagnose every way you use energy from

  • LED Lighting

  • Water Conservation and Water Metering

  • Solar

  • HVAC

I would like to say again that this is not about just trying to get another deal for Brook Trout Solutions. We are firm believers in the power of Energy Optimization. We want to help our customers build a bright future for the next generation, delight customers and save money while doing it.

So with all this said, what do you say? Would you be willing to have a 20 minute conversation to start saving the planet?

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